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Magical Woodsy Elopement in Maryland

A lot of couples desperately want to get married but feel like a dream wedding is out of reach at the moment. With family members and friends not being able to attend, we might as well just go to the courthouse and call it a day, right?

Guess what, there are many alternatives that are way more personal and beautiful than going to the courthouse, and on top of that, they are just as easy! Having an intimate wedding doesn't have to be complicated, and here in Maryland, you don't even have to go far to get married at a beautiful location.

When thinking about elopements, we often think of epic mountain top locations or beaches and months of planning, but as much as we love adventure, we don't mind keeping things simple sometimes. All you need is an officiant (which we provide if you don't have someone specific in mind), to through on a dress and a suit (or not if you're not into that), a photographer, and maybe a couple little details to make your day truly special and personal.

Maryland has plenty of beautiful forests, that make pretty awesome elopement locations! And when the light is just right, like it was during Sonya's and Tauhid's elopement, some magic is bound to happen.

But the magic didn't just come from the beautiful woods surrounding us, and the sun peaking through the trees at the right time. This couple also has a beautiful love story to tell:

Sonya and Tauhid met in junior high school, and then lost contact. After 15 years, Tauhid saw Sonya driving by, asked her to pull over, and they have been together ever since. After all this time, they decided they didn't want to wait one more day to get married! During a beautiful ceremony, both a little teary-eyed, they made their life long commitment official. I could just feel the immense love these two have for each other, and I felt honored to be the one capturing it.

We're here to help you plan your magical elopement and bring your vision to life!

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