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National Arboretum Wedding


Let's capture your emotions in motion! There is nothing like watching your partner’s face as you see each other across the aisle, or getting to see your family’s joy during your first dance, but weddings are so busy that those moments seem to fly right by. 


Relive your wedding day any time you want through our handcrafted wedding films which will be a part of your family history for years to come. 

No formulas or cookie cutter offerings, but just fun and dynamic videos tailored for YOU.

Isabel Talanehzar, wedding photographer, Steady&Sway


No two of my films are alike. Your wedding is approached like a blank canvas, and the creation of your film starts at our first consultation! 


Who are you? What do you dream of seeing in your wedding film? What vibe and aesthetic is your wedding going to have? What special things about your partner do you want to capture?


From using the right equipment, choosing angles, selecting the perfect audio and video clips, to the color grading during post- production, I am constantly refining the captured moments of your wedding day until they become a film that tells a story.


Your story. 

Your wedding film should be as unique and beautiful as the winding road that got you to your wedding day.


I pour my heart and soul into each film to make sure your once-in-a-lifetime memories are presented in the way they deserve.

To say I'm passionate about my work is an understatement. The right music, the right flow, I don't quit until it's the perfect testament to your wedding experience.


I make connecting with my couples a priority. I don't want to be just another vendor who follows you around on your wedding day. I spend time getting to know you beforehand, so you have no problem being real in front of the camera. 

Because I’m also a photographer, I know how to communicate with your wedding photographer so we both get the shots we need.You get the benefit of a fluid team where all you have to do is enjoy each other. 


I want you to look back on this video and feel like you’re standing right there, feeling that surge of emotions and experiencing the magic all over again.


2 Videographers 

Professional audio

Private, shareable download link to your videos 


Highlight Film 

Documentary Edit


Within a week after your wedding you will receive a one minute teaser video. Perfect for sharing with friends and family and on social media. 

Wedding Videography Ellicott City


Wedding Videography Ellicott City

Your highlight film showcases your entire wedding day in a 5-15 (depending on the collection you choose) minute video. Jam packed with beautiful moments, happy tears, emotions and carefully selected music that fits your wedding vibe. 


You will be able to watch the highlights of your wedding in chronological order in an up to 45min film,  including your full ceremony, intros, special dances and speeches

Wedding Videography Ellicott City

I want to honor the reason you’ve decided to get video coverage of your big day, whether that’s starting the tradition of watching it on your anniversary, having it to show future children, or just being able to see the whole day from another perspective. 


Tell me your story, so I can artfully tell yours.