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I truly believe that you don't need a reason to be photographed. Life is full of different and beautiful seasons, and they deserve to be captured. While you may not be celebrating a big milestone, your portrait session is still worth it!


I love documenting the unique aspects of your personality and creating memories you'll have for a lifetime. We can take a leisurely stroll around your favorite neighborhood, indulging in your favorite bagel. Or how about cruising a boardwalk, sinking quarters into a skeeball machine until our tokens are gone. Let's not forget about the breathtaking sunset, which we can chase up a hill and enjoy as it casts its golden glow upon the city.


The opportunities to create a truly unique session are endless!

Here's what to expect from your portrait session with me:


  • Personalized consultation where we’ll brainstorm your vibes and aesthetic

  • Recommendations or scouting the session location that matches your vision

  • A curated gallery of edited, high-resolution images delivered within 30 days


Are you ready? Let's capture these incredible moments and celebrate the ordinary AND the extraordinary!

Are you interested in headshots or other studio portraits? Awesome, I recently opened my own studio space in Baltimore and would love to welcome you!

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