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Intimate Mountain Wedding | Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

I will keep singing from the rooftops that small intimate weddings are such a great option when all you want in the world is to get married to your best friend.

You still get to pick out all the fun things like dresses and shoes, get whatever hair and make-up makes you happy, pick an amazing spot to say your I dos, and gather only those who mean the most to you. The rest is all extra icing on the cake!

And while you’re looking for locations to bring your nearest and dearest for a little celebration of vows, let me throw a suggestion in the ring for an amazing estate nestled just steps off the Appalachian Trail, adjacent to the notable town of Harpers Ferry: The Wedding Niche.

This wedding venue has such unique offerings for its couples. Not only can you get married in the historic and lovingly cared for building and houses on the grounds, but if something a little more secluded is your style, they can help you find the perfect location on their property near the river, on a mountaintop, or even on the Appalachian Trail itself!

I’m always of fan of weddings with a whole lot of nature, so this definitely hits all of my personal boxes.

The grounds of The Wedding Niche are overflowing with trees and seasonal wildlife, the buidings are full of refurbished woods and rich upholstery, and there is so much rustic charm in the outbuilding, porches, and patios.

Since we’re talking West Virginia here, it does seem to have a whole lot of uniquely Southern charm.

That probably has a lot to do with the AMAZING owner of The Wedding Niche, Lisa. She is by far one of the most thoughtful and creative venue proprietors and takes the best care of her couples. She deserves all the shoutouts in the world.

I found myself basking in the glory of this niche in the mountains in my role as a wedding videographer this time around.

The lovely Keli and Gene whisked us all away for their woodsy nuptials for an intimate wedding that beautifully combined the amenities of The Wedding Niche and lots of DIY touches by the bride and groom.

In a moment of sweet calm before the ceremony, the couple decided to read letters to each other and skip the traditional vows in front of everyone.

I was on hand as they read sweet words to one another about the course of their relationship and all of the things they hoped for in this new chapter of their lives.

I think this is such a brilliant move for any couple who might get a little stage fright in front of groups. You get to say what’s on your heart without the pressure of being watched. As someone who stands in the middle of aisles for a living, I can appreciate that!

After a super meaningful ceremony among the trees, Keli and Gene stuck with some more traditional moments like a first dance, (to the same first dance song her grandfather and grandmother danced to!!) and a cake cutting.

It was a beautiful night for some intimate wedding videography in the hills of coal country. And I even promise not to make any John Denver jokes about country roads taking me home.

Check out the video highlights here:

Kelly and Gene were so happy with the final product that they left me the sweetest review:


Having Steady&Sway capture our wedding with video footage was amazing and such a delight!! We had a small and intimate wedding in Fall 2021 and it was clear that Isabel had an eye for capturing the feeling of our special day. We can’t recommend her enough!! If you’ve been looking for someone to capture your special day, no matter the event, Isabel’s the one!”

Thanks for the invite, can’t wait to go back!

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