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LBGTQ+ Fall Castleton Meadows Wedding | Castleton, Virginia

I love when Fall descends on the East Coast after a humid summer and I get the first glimpse of the changing seasons before it gets too cold.

I'm all about the Winter, but I hate being cold, so Fall is a lovely middle ground that gifts me with drop-dead gorgeous outdoor landscapes and less mind-numbing temperatures.

The Meadows at Castleton in Virginia, which is just about two hours outside of Washington D.C., is a stunning example of why Fall is a contender in "best of nature".

Castleton is HUGE and super close to Shenandoah, which is an incredibly beautiful place to begin with, so you can imagine the natural beauty surrounding this wedding venue.

The grounds, which span across 550 acres have a rich and storied history as the oldest continuously operating farm in the region. In 200 years of existence, the grounds have seen loving restoration, the addition of world-class concert halls, and a variety of residences to house guests on-site.

Castleton Meadows is like a quiet rural retreat in the foothills of Virginia, and it was straight-up idyllic for a wedding. You can't go wrong on this property.

Lina and Dani, seemed right at home on the grounds, putting around on a golf cart and relaxing in the lush surroundings. Their first look, which both were so excited about, was so special on the sprawling grounds with incredible vistas.

But even more important than the fantastic setting of their wedding was how much more fantastic Lina and Dani and their self-styled 'hype crew' were to be around.

During our consult, the couple told me 'the fewer formal pictures the better', so I had a good idea of the moments that were going to be important to them. Instead of delving to deep into shot lists and timelines, we set about having a good time capturing all the candid, sentimental, and hilarious moments of their wedding day.

Their ceremony took place at the Silo on the Castleton Grounds and was as sweet as could be, full of happy tears and traditional Celtic hand binding.

Dani is Scottish, so Lina surprised her with a bagpiper who started playing during the recessional, after the ceremony.

And of course, all of this was followed by an amazing tented reception. You just knew there was going to be a heck of a party.

Lina’s family is Lithuanian, so they incorporated a Lithuanian ritual at their reception where their parents presented them with dark rye bread and salt, washed down with either vodka, water, or wine. Jury's out on who chose what drink, but I'm betting it wasn't water.

It was such an honor to be able to document all these special moments among this super sweet, fun, and laid-back crowd of wedding guests, and boy did they all know how to get down.

The dance party was EPIC, just like the whole day, and I expect no less when The Otherside Creatives are your wedding planners.

I'm itching to find myself in the foothills of Virginia again someday, but for now, thank you Lina and Dani for the privilege!

Thanks to these amazing vendors!

Wedding Planner: The Otherside Creatives

Entertainment: Rad Soundz

Transportation: Virginia Rides

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