Tips for your first Photoshoot

Almost every new client who contacts me tells me: "We will probably look so awkward, we've never had our picture taken before", or "I am so nervous!". I get it, your engagement and wedding photos will hang in your home for the rest of your life, so you want to look your best in them. If you’ve never been in a photoshoot before, but have one coming up, don’t worry! First of all, I will guide you through every single pose and I will make a fool out of myself to get some genuine laughs out of you! If you want to feel prepared for your shoot, check out these twelve simple tips that make modeling a piece of cake!

1. Practice

It seems simple enough because it is! A lot of my couples find poses online that they love and practice at home before the session. This is no must, but if you're a lover of homework, practicing different poses and facial expressions in the mirror will make you feel prepared and confident! You'll probably see how quickly you loosen up and how those candid laughs just pop out of you. You can even keep a list of poses you know that you like the look of as a note in your phone as a reference before the shoot begins.

2. Wear something you love

For brides this is pretty simple. For engagement shoots, family portraits, maternity, branding, or any other type of photoshoot, scan Pinterest for inspiration and treat yourself to an outfit that you love. Wear it while you’re practicing in front of the mirror so you can get used to the way the fabrics fall. I also offer a complementary style guide with every booked session to give you some pointers on what to look for in a perfect photoshoot outfit. Also, I'm happy to give advice while you're putting your outfits together, so feel free to send me photos of your options!

3. It's all about the movement

While you’re practicing, try setting up your phone to record a video. You’ll be able to go back and screenshot poses so that you can get an idea of how the photos might turn out. During the shoot, move continuously. The goal is to be fluid, rather than stiff.

4. Move slowly

Speaking of movement, don’t feel the need to rush. Move slowly and easily through your poses and your photographer will catch all of the best shots, plus some beautiful candids of you in between your poses.

5. Don’t try too hard

Trust me, the best photos I’ve ever taken were the ones where my models forgot they were in front of the camera, so have fun!

6. Move your limbs away from your body

Create separation between your limbs from your body. This basic cheat makes a huge difference! Moving your arm away from your body while you’re posing will make you look thinner instantly!

7. Good posture

Stand up straight! Your good posture will make you look longer, leaner, and improve all of your photos!

8. Keep your hands relaxed

Think “ballerina hands”. Relaxed rather than rigid. Keeping your hands stiff will make them look larger and make the entire photo look uncomfortable.

9. Play with props

Bring a scarf, blanket, or some kind of other prop or accessory so that you have something to play around with when you feel awkward. You can always get a drink (it doesn't have to be alcoholic), so you have something to hold on to. I recommend this especially for elopements! We can also use sparklers, hats, smoke bombs, the options are endless. Personalize your photos even more by incorporating you and/or your significant others love together!

10. Get your nails done

Don’t forget that manicure! Chipped nail polish or uneven nails will be a distraction from your beautiful new photos. Guys, if you’re not the type to get a mani, at least put some lotion on your hands so we don’t see any dead or dry skin.

11. Have your engagement ring cleaned

If you're getting your engagement photos done, your photographer will most likely take some close ups of your ring. make sure the bling is clean so it looks extra sparkly!

12. Be YOU!

Last but not least, don't overthink posing. Just have fun, and don't be afraid of being goofy! And if goofy is not your thing, that's cool to. If you like to dance, nobody is going to stop you! The most important thing is, that you feel comfortable and that your photos are authentic and represent you as a couple.

One of my specialties is making new models feel comfortable and relaxed, so if you’re still nervous, just book a session with IsabelStudios and know that your photos will be beautiful no matter how awkward you feel posing! Send me an email at to schedule your engagement photos, wedding, maternity, branding, family portraits, and more!

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