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Shenandoah Skyline Drive Elopement

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Allison and Curtis decided to elope in the gorgeous Shenandoah valley. How lucky are we to have such a gorgeous place just a few hours away from our home in Maryland?!

The original wedding date called for rain, and since we were already in the area the day before, we spontaneously decided to move the portraits on Skyline drive one day up and it was seriously the best decision ever.

The sunset turned the spectacular views on skyline drive into the most magical golden tones. If you're not going the conventional route, you might as well dress up twice, so the actual ceremony happened the day after at the airbnb the couple was staying at. We were blessed with a little rain that day, so the clear umbrellas came to play and we got the chance to capture a gorgeous variety of photos. Two completely different moods within one elopement.

I loved this elopement so much, because it showcases exactly what is possible! These two made sure they celebrated properly, even though it was just the two of them.

Here is what Allison & Curtis had to say after her elopement experience:

"There are so many wonderful things that can be said about our wedding experience with Isabel, I’m not sure where to start. The pictures we received from our elopement are amazing, I truly do not think they could be any better! But our great experience working with Isabel wasn’t only about the photos. Choosing vendors is an important part of any wedding planning process, but I’d argue it’s even more important when planning an elopement. When your wedding/elopement day consists only of yourself, your fiancé, a photographer and an officiant, as ours did.. you really should be selective with who you are bringing in to the bubble of your special day. For us, the choice to work with Isabel couldn’t have been better. Isabel was incredible to work with and calmed my nerves starting with the very first phone call.

We had planned to get married at a cottage in Shenandoah Valley and follow the ceremony with a short ride to Skyline Drive with Isabel for photos. Days before our wedding date however, we realized a tropical storm would hit Shenandoah at the precise time of our nuptials (which was crazy for Virginia in November)! Isabel came up with a solution and since it was only the two of us (no guests) we were able to pull it off! We dressed in our wedding day attire and met her at an overlook on Skyline Drive the evening before our wedding and she snapped the most gorgeous sunset photos for us. The next day, we dressed up again and had the most perfect day. We got married while Isabel and her husband took pictures. They made us feel comfortable, relaxed and allowed us to enjoy each moment. Isabel and her husband had a warmth about them and although we had just met, it felt like two friends had joined us for our day. "

The bouquet and boutonniere were custom made by us using Sola Wood flowers, to make sure Allsion and Curtis had one more item besides their beautiful photos to keep forever. Sola Wood flowers are an amazing everlasting alternative to real flowers, you can find them here if you feel like DIYing your bouquet or just need some inspiration (this is an affiliate link, so yes, I receive a tiny share when your purchase through the link, but it won't cost you more!)

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