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FIRST LOOK - Yes or no?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

You still can't decide if you should have a first look or not? Here are some pros and cons to help you make this important decision for your wedding day:


Timeline Wedding days are tightly packed with loads of important events. Between getting ready, ceremony, cocktail hour etc, there's very little time for wiggle room. After the ceremony the emotions amongst everybody are running wild, and having to separate about one hour during that time for photos of the wedding party, family, and the couple can be stressful. It is so much more convenient to take care of a huge portion of the picture part before the ceremony, so you can go and enjoy cocktail hour with your wedding guests.


Many people fell awkward being the center of attention and showing a whole lot of emotions in front of so many guests. Lots of my couples choose a first look to share those emotions only with each other (and me 😉) and make walking down the aisle a tiny bit less overwhelming for themselves. And don't worry, there are always plenty of emotions left for the big moment!

Couples photos

I feel couples seem a lot more relaxed when we do a large part of the couples shots before the ceremony. A lot of times it is possible to reserve a little bit more time for pictures this way, and we don't need to rush as much and don't need to feel like we're making the guests wait at the reception. More time with the photographer means more and better quality photos, plus, the first-look-photos usually turn out super cute and emotional!



If you believe that seeing each other before the ceremony is bad luck, then don't let anybody talk you into doing a first look. Keep things traditional if you feel like that's the way to go!


As much as a first look can help a day run much smoother, it can also complicate things. The first look should happen at least one hour before the ceremony, so you will need to be ready earlier, and you might have to plan in time to get to the first look location and back to the ceremony.

Spoiling THE moment

For many couples, the moment of walking down the aisle and seeing each other for the first time is a crucial part of a wedding day. That moment just can't be replaced and there's nothing like it.


Having an intimate moment when you first see each other might add pressure instead of taking it away. Some people might feel pressured to have an incredible picture perfect reaction when they first see their partner, but not everybody shows emotions in that way, and it might cause some awkwardness if expectations were too high.


You do YOU. Don't let anybody talk you into doing a first look just because your timeline calls for it. Don't force it. But if both of you are on board and you feel it's the right choice for BOTH you, then absolutely go for it!!!

Feel free to share this post if you know someone who's getting married and who can't decide whether or not a first look is the right choice for them! You can contact me as well for some more in depth info. I'd love to chat!

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