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Baltimore Elopement Photo Session

Wedding couple at Federal Hill Park Baltimore

Erica and Nate, a couple living in Baltimore, have been together for five years, ever since they matched on Bumble while Nate was living in Nashville and Erica was visiting. The two decided to get married at the courthouse, but they still wanted to capture the essence of their wedding day by having their photos taken in their wedding attire afterwards. That's where I come in!

Even though I'm not a Baltimore native, I've been capturing beautiful elopements and weddings here since 2020. That's given me plenty of time to scout out some amazing locations. I just so happened that Erica and Nate picked my top three for their photo session!

We met on a beautiful fall day in Federal Hill Park, surrounded by colorful leaves and breathtaking views. The light was definitely working in our favor!

Of course, we couldn't forget about their corgi, Del Piero, who joined us for our photoshoot at location number two, Patterson Park. Although he was mostly obsessed with his toy and didn't seem to care much about the stunning autumn colors, it didn't take him long to win my heart and he very much stole the show for a little while.

After our time at the park, we headed to Fells Point, where we indulged in some macaroons and captured some more beautiful photos with the water views. We even got some night shots done! Erica and Nate were thrilled with the variety of photos we captured during our few hours together. And have we mentioned Del Piero, the cutest dog in the world? I mean, look at this guy's little face!

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